Mark Zuckerberg is often thought of as the face of the social media site Facebook. The young college student came up with a concept that revolutionized the way that people interface and communicate with one another.  As a result,  billions of people are able to communicate across time zones and continents.

Yet, from news reports to movie adaptations that explore the company’s meteoric rise, very rarely does one see a Black face. That has all changed. Facebook has enlisted Kay Madati to serve as a powerbroker for the multi-billion dollar company. With recent reports indicating that Blacks use social media at disproportionate rates compared to their white peers, it is refreshing to know that Madati will be joining the team at Facebook as their  head of Entertainment and Media.

His press team recently released the following statement: “Madati leads the Facebook team that creates marketing strategies for television, theatrical and media partners and positions the social media giant as a key player for entertainment content publishers and distributors. He is considered an expert in leveraging technology and media to engage consumers.”

Madati has an extensive background in marketing, entertainment and media that should position him to be very successful in his new role.

The statement further adds, “Prior to joining Facebook, Madati – a Tanzanian citizen – was the Vice President of Audience Experience for CNN Worldwide and has also worked as a marketing executive for Community Connect Inc., a web publisher of sites like and; and BMW of North America.”

Mr. Madati will be speaking at the New York State Society of CPA’s Sports and Entertainment Committee meeting later this month in New York City.  The rising star in the social media world will share his industry’s newest trends and developments with his audience members.

It goes without saying that Madati exemplifies the influence and leverage that helps to create a corporate America that is more reflective of its consumer based.  We wish him great success.


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Sharon Sanders
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