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Adair Boroughs raises over $700,000 in 2019

Adair Ford Boroughs, candidate for U.S. Congress in South Carolina’s Second District, announces today that her campaign raised over $700,000 in 2019, posting the largest first-year sum for a Democratic candidate in SC-02 history and setting the stage for a strong election year. Adair’s Q4 total was $205,800.

In Adair’s first fundraising quarter she raised more than twice what incumbent Republican Joe Wilson did, pulling in $245,000, setting record for Democratic candidates in SC-02. In her second quarter she out-raised Wilson again by $50,000.

Rep. Joe Wilson has raised over half of his money from corporate PACs and special interests. Adair has pledged to take no money from corporate PACS and her continued fundraising success reveals a groundswell of local and state-wide support from individuals. 

“South Carolinians deserve a leader who will represent them, not corporate interests, in Congress,” Adair said in a statement. “The people of this district are facing too much right now, from rising drug costs, stagnant wages, crumbling infrastructure to the threats of the climate crisis, to have a Congressman who answers only to the people who are causing those problems.  I’m so thankful for everyone who chipped in their time, money, and enthusiasm for this campaign in 2019 – and I’m ready for the year ahead!”

Adair Ford Boroughs is a former public school teacher, and an accomplished attorney who served in the Department of Justice and federal courts before founding the first and only South Carolina nonprofit law firm offering high-quality, affordable, legal services to clients of modest means. She grew up in a double wide-trailer in Williston, South Carolina, the daughter of a cabinet maker and a public school teacher. As South Carolina’s next Congresswoman, Adair Ford Boroughs will stand up to corporate interests and bring strong, local leadership back to the people of the Second District.

Adair for Congress is a campaign to elect Adair Ford Boroughs to Congress in 2020, representing South Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District. To learn more about Adair and her campaign, please visit http://www.AdairForCongress.com, follow her on twitter @Adair4Congress, and follow her Facebook page @AdairForCongress.

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