Black Men Must Invest In Black Women Or Leave Them The Hell Alone!!

By: Ken Brisbon –

Take a wild guess as to why black women don’t have much, just guess! Guess why their credit score is laughable, guess why their bank account is in the negative, guess why they are more masculine than an NFL linebacker, guess! Are you guessing yet? You don’t know why they are stressed out? So you’re not sure why a 25-year-old black woman is aging? Well let me tell you why.

All we do (me included) is make withdrawals when it comes to black women, and not deposits. We suck the life out of them, and make not a single ounce of investment in them, this is abuse. Sad thing is the abuse isn’t isolated, it’s generational.

Globally men abuse women, we impose our ideas on them, and we think for them, we feel like we are entitled to their body and everything they have, as harsh as that is, its way more complex when it comes to black American relationships.

I can’t speak for an African, I never been to Africa, my experience is American. In my experience dealing with black women from America, my role was always from a taker’s position. Psychologically, I think I always seen black women as an enemy because of the relationship I had with my mother. Many black men have dysfunctional relationships with their mother, she’s our first teacher, so if we don’t see value in her, we will never see value in any black woman, because we don’t see value in ourselves. 1 + 1=2

There were things I didn’t receive from my mother, so I felt black women owed me that, I would get what I needed from them at any cost. Many black men are living that predator lifestyle, if it’s not preying on their bodies, then it’s preying on their emotions whenever we need the attention, as soon as they stroke our ego to the point we become ready for the world again, we’ll leave them hanging and find a new victim, again this is generational.

When it comes to being good husband/boyfriends, I think every culture of men drops the ball, men are just wretched creatures. We might or might not get a pass in the relationship department, but there is no excuse for us to be terrible friends to black women. Any relationship must start with a foundation, friendship is the core, and we aren’t even their friends. All we do is tear them down, then we are shocked when they have no more to offer, we are shocked when they aren’t as open with their body as they once was, were angry at the lack of support they may give us, little do we know the last guy she was with completely exhausted her, so of course she has nothing, SHE’S DRAIN

Every woman on this planet needs security to function, and out of all the dick head shit we do to ruin them, the nail in the coffin is, we don’t protect them. We let them fight other women in the street while we record it , we don’t break bread with them, we leave them vulnerable when we go to jail, and we lie to them, not realizing that women are more emotionally stronger than us, they can handle our truth, even when it’s ugly.

I’m guilty of everything under the sun when it comes to abusing black women, I didn’t know any better, millions of us don’t, is it an excuse, hell no, only thing we can do now is become aware of our flaws, and fix it. Hurt people hurt people, we can’t keep bringing that vampire energy to these women, so I want to discuss ways we can invest in black women. We have to give back, we have to start repairing those emotional scars, and we have to put Band-Aids on those mental wounds. Let’s try to reverse the curse, you ready?

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