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Congressman Cedric Richmond Makes the Case for Uncle Joe

Although some national polls have Joe Biden falling behind candidates Warren and Sanders, in the only poll that matters, Biden still enjoys a comfortable double-digit lead among South Carolina’s African American voters. And we all know that whoever wins this coveted demographic, will undoubtedly win the Democratic nomination.

One reason for Biden’s steady lead with black voters is his team of surrogates like Congressman Cedric Richmond who serves as Co-Chair of Biden’s campaign. Congressman Richmond represents Louisiana’s 2nd congressional district, he’s a Morehouse man, who is an outspoken advocate for the black community and one of the newest rockstars in the Democratic Party. He served as Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus and he’s currently the Chairman of the CBC Foundation and House Democratic Assistant to the Majority Whip, making him number two the South Carolina’s own Congressman Jim Clyburn.

On the campaign trail, Congressman Richmond is a relatable, straight talker who’s not afraid of keeping it real. I caught up with him on a recent stop in Charleston at the Blue Jamboree hosted by the Charleston Democratic Party and asked him to tell me why he’s putting his political capital behind Uncle Joe.

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Michael Bailey

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