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  • AJ Clyburn

    USC Basketball fanatic, independent journalist, and lover of progressive politics and democratic values.
  • Angela Carr Patterson

    Angela Carr Patterson is a speaker, author, Radio/TV host, and founder of The Fatherless Daughters Network. She is "America's Leading Authority on Fatherless Daughters." Through her work, Angela is committed to elevating the awareness of the negative effects that fatherlessness has on a female's life while helping to decrease its long term impact.
  • Antjuan Seawright

    Antjuan Seawright is the founder and CEO of Blueprint Strategy. He was an advisor to the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016.
  • Beth Ruffin

    On a mission to help women get unstuck, gain clarity, and build a career they love. Don’t have a seat at the table? Build your own! Learn more at bethruffin.com
  • Dr. James Wadley

    Dr. James Wadley is Director of the Master of Human Services Program at Lincoln University. He is a licensed professional counselor and marriage, family, and sexuality therapist in the States of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. He’s also the author of “The Lost and Found Box.” You can learn more about him at drjameswadley.com or tweet him @phdjamesw.
  • Ebrahim Aseem

    I am a writer & teacher. I write for Real News magazine & am currently shopping my first novel.
  • Iris Bolling

    Iris Bolling is the founder and President of SiriAustin Entertainment, LLC a publishing and media production company founded by to provide independent authors and artists with a platform for publishing, producing, and distributing their work. In addition to her work in publishing and film, Bolling is a well-known and high-regarded author with a catalogue of nearly two dozen novels to her name.
  • Jennifer Clyburn Reed

    Dr. Jennifer Clyburn Reed is the Director of the Center for the Education and Equity of African American Students (CEEAAS), a teaching and learning center housed within the University of South Carolina’s College of Education. She has a doctoral degree in Instructional Leadership from Nova Southeastern University (NSU) and is a three-time graduate from the University of South Carolina. Dr. Reed’s education and teaching experience spans 26 years in the South Carolina public education system. Dr. Reed is committed to the betterment of the community where she was raised and currently resides being a firm believer in Service above Self. Dr. Reed owns an educational consulting company, Beyond Limits, LLC, is the co-owner of a property investment company, 49 Magnolia Blossom, LLC and principal partner in the non-profit arm, Magnolia Blossom SC.
  • Johnnie Cordero

    Johnnie Cordero is an African American thought leader who identifies as a Radical Centrist. He is the current Chairman of the Democratic Black Caucus of South Carolina. Cordero is the host of the “Radical Review” podcast and is a frequent political contributor and commentator for The MinorityEye. Cordero holds a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and a Doctorate in Jurisprudence. He is the author of ‘Total Black Empowerment: A Guide to Critical Thinking in the Age of Trump.’ His new book ‘Theodicy and The Power of the African Will’ is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online book sellers.
  • Joyce Rose-Harris

    Joyce M. Rose-Harris is a local activist, blogger, and poet; she is also a leader within the Richland County and South Carolina Democratic party’s. Joyce political focus is on voter engagement and education.
  • Michael Bailey

    Michael Bailey is the founder of The MinorityEye and serves as the Chief-Curator of Information. He leads the editorial staff and works as a multimedia journalist who specializes in producing news stories and personal profiles that highlight the cultural, social, economic, and political experiences of minorities living in South Carolina and beyond. His extensive media, business, and political background has made him a well-respected voice and an often sought-after commentator on issues impacting people of color.
  • Michelle Thompson

    Michelle Thompson, MBA is the owner of Pecan P.I.E. Marketing Firm. Pecan P.I.E. uses a methodology they created called Pieology to create cohesiveness between administration, employees, and customers. Michelle is also the host of Pecan Pie web series. The web series focuses on principals of Pieology People, Interiors, and Elegance found within the community that unites people together. Pecan Pie web series also is a testimony to what makes the south such an amazing place to work, live, and conduct business.
  • Nocola Hemphill

    Nocola Hemphill is a mother, writer, branding consultant, corporate trainer, and entrepreneur. Born in Charlotte, NC, the South Carolina State University double biology and chemistry major is inspired to serve the best interest of women and children through visible and action-oriented thought leadership. The Founder and Executive Coach of Glow Hive works to empower women in the fight against poverty worldwide.
  • Rev. Carey A. Grady

    Rev. Carey A. Grady is the pastor of Reid Chapel AME Church in Columbia, S.C. (www.reidchapel.org). He believes words have Power. Grady blogs regularly at www.careyagrady.com
  • Serena Williams

    Serena Jameka Williams is an American professional tennis player. The Women's Tennis Association has ranked her world No. 1 in singles on eight occasions, from 2002 to 2017. She became the world No. 1 for the first time on July 8, 2002.
  • Sharon Sanders

    Sharon Sanders is Co-Founder, Co-owner of the The MinorityEye. She is also a Digital Engagement Strategist and a Curator of information at The Minorityeye and the President of Clairvoyant, LLC which specializes in strategic communications and multimedia services. She has a B.A. in Psychology from Argosy University and she specializes in “Online Consumer Psychology.” Sharon provides companies with research and insight into the processes underlying consumer behavior in online environments…
  • Taylor Casey

    Taylor Casey creates digital experiences to help people connect with their audiences and is driven to make more seats at the table for women of color in politics. She has worked in consulting, nonprofit, and campaign settings, including Hillary for America, Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania, and Demand Justice.
  • The MinorityEye

    The MinorityEye is a news and information aggregator that curates the voices, thoughts and perspectives of minority writers, bloggers, authors, reporters, columnists, pundits, consultants and thought leaders as well as those who write about minorities and issues that impact people and communities of color.
  • The Minority Marketplace

    The Minority Marketplace is an online Asset Map that both identifies and highlights South Carolina based minority and women-owned businesses of all types and sizes. The site provides a resource for those who want to patronize minority businesses and serves as a clearinghouse for the information exchange between these businesses and federal, state and local government contracting professionals and stakeholders.

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