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Dr. Jackson Garth on CBD and the growing opportunities in Hemp farming through Verde Leaf

In today’s health-conscious society, CBD has firmly established itself as a natural solution to a variety of ailments. It can be found in everything from oils and gummies to lotions and candles. But even with all of that demand, the nation’s Hemp industry is still very young and South Carolina and other southeastern states are establishing their roots in one of the newest fastest growing sectors of agribusiness. A lot of that growth can be attributed to Dr. Jackson Garth and his Verde Leaf Framing Network. Through Verde Leaf, Dr. Garth is empowering farmers with operations of all sizes and offering the solutions, resources, and experience to cultivate healthy and lucrative hemp crops. All with the ultimate goal of boosting local economies, creating generational wealth, and bringing quality, sustainable products to the market. We recently sat down with Dr. Garth to learn more about how the Verde Leaf Group is fast becoming a market leader in the CBD industry.

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