Twenty-nine-year-old entrepreneur, Tristan Walker, has addressed a unique product that solves an equally unique problem among black men. It is a line of shaving products developed specifically for African American men.

A product that meets a need among black men

Tristan, who is also African American, saw a need for an issue that affects most black men. Shaving often produces razor bumps which is a pesky problem for black men. As an entrepreneur, Tristan recognized an opportunity to find a product that will help eliminate this problem .

About the product

The product is called Bevel, and it includes an entire line of products that are designed to reduce razor bumps. Among the products in the Bevel line are a priming oil that prevents irritation, a badger brush, shaving cream, a double-edge safety razor and a restoring balm. Walker wants to sell the products at barber shops and specialty stores.

How he did it

Tristan Walker is a Stanford business school grad and the former Business Development Director at Foursquare, a social networking web site for mobile devices, such as smart phones. So far, the entrepreneur has raised $6.9 million in early-round financing from various investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Upfront Ventures, Collaborative Fund and Ron Johnson, who once ran retail operations for Apple.

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