Rosa Roberts-Johnson aka ‘Coco’ publishes her first children’s book called “The Princess and the Penguins.” The book follows the adventures of a black princess named Leah, who gets lost in the land of Guzza, where she discovers a colony of talking Penguins.  As Leah tries to find her way home to Tizzleville and her parents, the King & Queen, she makes other new friends who teach her how to live in the land of Guzza until she can find her way back home to her family.

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This fun and inspirational story was created as a way to give African-American girls a princess with whom they can identify. Coco, the book’s author said,  “I came up with Princess Leah because I wanted all African American girls to know that they could be a princess, too. Almost every princess you see or read about is white. I needed them to know that they are special and to be comfortable in their own skin.”

The book can be purchased from Amazon and at

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Rosa Roberts-Johnson

About Rosa Roberts-Johnson(Coco)

Rosa self-published her first novel Losing Yourself in 2012. In 2016, she published her first children’s book The Princess and the Penguins in August 2016. Rosa is a Psychology Student at Southern New Hampshire University and a retired US Army veteran who currently lives in Florida and she is the mother of three.



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