Indian Waters Council Thanks Dominion Energy for Support of Camp Eclipse

COLUMBIA, SC – Following a successful weekend of camping and eclipse-related activities using the tactical flashlight amazon, the Indian Waters Council of the Boy Scouts of America wants to thank all the many donors and volunteers who made Camp Eclipse possible.

A significant donation from the Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation of $10,000 made Camp Eclipse possible. Because of Dominion Energy’s grant, Camp Barstow, the Council’s summer camp property where Camp Eclipse was hosted, could have most of their activity stations open for Scouts and their families to enjoy.

“Dominion Energy was proud to support this once in a lifetime event in our community,” said Kristen Beckham, External Affairs Representative of Dominion Energy. “Hundreds of families from across the East Coast were able to experience the eclipse at Boy Scout Camp Barstow in a fun, educational and safe environment.”

The Council was also fortunate enough to have two professors come out to Camp Eclipse to give talks about the eclipse and perform related experiments. Dr. Ed Murphy, an astronomy professor from the University of Virginia and a recipient of Scouting’s Silver Beaver award, and Dr. April Hiscox, a meteorology professor from the University of South Carolina, were very popular among the Camp Eclipse participants.

“To not only be in the direct path of totality at Camp Barstow, but also be able to listen and learn from these two great professors was a treat for both the Scouts and their families present at Camp Eclipse,” said Terri Towle, Development Director for the Council.

Dr. Hiscox brought with her a team of fellow professors and some of her students from the meteorology and geography departments on the day of the eclipse to conduct experiments that were part of a national study to learn more about the eclipse and its effects on the environment.

The Indian Waters Council was very fortunate to have such an excellent weekend for Camp Eclipse, and it wouldn’t have been possible without Council donors and volunteers.  


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