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Mammy to be the Focus of New “Gone With the Wind” Prequel

Atria books has announced that they will release a prequel to “Gone With the Wind” that will focus on the life of Mammy.  Atria said it will print 250,000 hardcover copies of the book, titled “Ruth’s Journey.” Written by 73-year-old Donald McCraig and will be released in October.

Donald McCraig is the author of the authorized “Gone With the Wind” sequels.  “Rhett Butler’s People,” from 2007 and “Scarlett” by Alexandra Ripley, released in 1991.)

According to: The New York Times

“The completed book, “Ruth’s Journey,” is the fictional telling of the life of one of the novel’s central characters, a house servant called Mammy who otherwise remains nameless. The story begins in 1804, when Ruth is brought from her birthplace, the French colony of Saint-Domingue that is now known as Haiti, to Savannah, Ga. 

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