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No, You Can’t Take A Selfie At A South Carolina Voting Booth

COLUMBIA, SC – With absentee voting underway in several states, if you have the urge to take a selfie at the poll like Justin Timberlake did earlier this week – you might want to think twice. That’s because several states, including South Carolina, have a law against it that could get you in trouble.

Justin Timberlake got in a bit of hot water for this photo at a Tennessee voting booth. (Source: Instagram)

While it was a good attempt to try and get his fans out to the polls to vote, it backfired when he and several others realized taking a selfie at the voting booth is against the law in at least 19 states.



Voters are using it as a tool to show how proud they are to vote, and some are using it as a way to encourage others to get out and vote. What we found Thursday was a few voters capturing that moment outside after voting — including Richland County voter Deborah Brown, who said she just wants people to get out and vote.

We stopped by the University of South Carolina law school to speak with several students who agree with the law, saying that it slows down the voting process for others, and the true reason for voting is to let your voice be heard – not to document it on social media.

“We have to promote it and remind the young people to vote,” Brown said. “People who are just turning of age this year and showing them how important to get out and vote.”

“We did think that if all of the Millennials would go vote and then we were all taking selfies, it might cause a little blockage in the polls,” University of South Carolina student Marcurius Byrd said.

“If they want to display that and tell people how they did, then we have stickers for that,” University of South Carolina student Trey Walpole said. “They can take a picture with their sticker and tell people I’m With Her or Make America Great Again and that’s ensuring that opportunity. Don’t do it in a way that is going to withhold other people in a long line from being able to vote.”

Source: No, you can’t take a selfie at a South Carolina voting booth – WISTV



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