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Open for Casting: Internet TV Series ‘Father Loves Best’

(Columbia, SC) – Fathers who wish to reunite with their daughters have a golden opportunity to be part of an impactful internet TV series, Father Loves Best, for which casting is underway. Post the tragic demise of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi, social media has been abuzz with the hashtag #Girlsdad. The TV series brings focus on daughters who aren’t lucky enough to be with their father.

There are many dads living without daughters and vice-versa, their relationship broken or discontinued for many reasons. The Fatherless Daughters Network is a global community of advocates founded by Angela Carr Patterson, Global Life and Success Strategist. Its goal is to offer services and support to women and girls who grew up with an unattached, unavailable or absent father.

Father Loves Best is an online TV show that depicts the breakdown of father-daughter relationships that have been flawed, disrupted or non-existent. These are stories of fathers seeking to repair, reconcile and renew their father-daughter relationship.

Fathers and daughters who have been seeking a reunion in what promises to be a powerful healing exercise that will be filmed are welcome to apply online for casting.

Many girls struggled to watch the #girlsdad movement take shape and not be a part of it. Fathers everywhere wanted to recognize and honor the importance of fatherhood. The other side of the picture, however, isn’t so rosy.

In 2017, Angela produced a highly acclaimed documentary film entitled “The Making of a Fatherless Daughter”, which featured the pains, struggles, and triumphs of six women who grew up fatherless. Now Angela is ready to go deeper with this topic, ignite a bigger conversation and drive change by producing her new project, the “Father Loves Best” television show.

“We are seeking fathers and their adult daughters who are finally ready to sit down, face to face and find a way to repair, reconcile and renew their broken relationship through a powerful healing exercise while being filmed for television,” said Angela.

The TV show will give the audience an up, close and inside look into these complicated relationships to see if healing and forgiveness are possible, and what happens when a father and daughter come together to try to restore their broken relationship.

Casting for the first season is set for March 28, 2020, in Columbia, SC. To apply, log onto: www.soulfulconversationstv.com

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