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Our Strategy & Algorithm

Our innovative strategy of “MAPPING” has given our company an unmatched competitive edge in the field of online marketing .

Mogul Marketing focuses on market dominance, it takes a mathematical and psychological approach to brand development. The primary tactics focus on building and developing a strong brand image and becoming a brand leader in a specific niche market. (The goal is to become a “big fish in a small pond” also known as a Micro-Mogul)

The M.A.P.P.S. Algorithm

The Strategy uses a marketing attribution algorithm, known as called the M.A.P.P.S. Algorithm to measure the likely success of marketing efforts. The term M.A.P.P.S. is an acronym that represents the 5 key activities of any businesses; Marketing, Advertising, Promotions, Public Relations, and Sales.

The algorithm is used to measure the likely success of marketing efforts. The algorithm helps to calculate the amount of marketing needed to reach a desired sales goal or determine the amount of marketing needed to reach a specific target market by factoring into the equation a list of predetermined demographics, industry standards, marketing trends, current technology trends and consumer behavior patterns.

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The MinorityEye

The MinorityEye is a news and information aggregator that curates the voices, thoughts and perspectives of minority writers, bloggers, authors, reporters, columnists, pundits, consultants and thought leaders as well as those who write about minorities and issues that impact people and communities of color.

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