Our innovative strategy of “MAPPING” has given our company an unmatched competitive edge in the field of online marketing .

Mogul Marketing focuses on market dominance, it takes a mathematical and psychological approach to brand development. The primary tactics focus on building and developing a strong brand image and becoming a brand leader in a specific niche market. (The goal is to become a “big fish in a small pond” also known as a Micro-Mogul)

The Strategy uses a marketing attribution algorithm, known as called the M.A.P.P.S. Algorithm to measure the likely success of marketing efforts. The term M.A.P.P.S. is an acronym that represents the 5 key profit drivers for any businesses; Marketing, Advertising, Promotions, Public Relations and Sales. The algorithm is used to measure the likely success of marketing efforts. The algorithm helps to calculate the amount of marketing needed to reach a desired sales goal or determine the amount of marketing needed to reach a specific target market by factoring into the equation a list of predetermined demographics, industry standards, marketing trends, current technology trends and consumer behavior patterns.

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If you would like your press release, business announcement or guest blog post published in The MinorityEye please send your information to info@theminorityeye.com. Submissions should be submitted in the form of a word document, accompanied by 1-3 high resolution images that you would like to be published with your work. Guest blog post should also be accompanied by a head shot of author and a brief bio no more than 70 words.

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