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Pecan Pie: Michelle Talks with Mary Kay Consultant, Ursula Jennings, about Makeup in the Summertime

On this episode of Pecan Pie host, Michelle Thompson, talks with Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, Ursula Jennings, about how to prevent makeup from melting in the 100 degree heat of summer in the Carolinas’.

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Michelle Thompson

Michelle Thompson, MBA is the owner of Pecan P.I.E. Marketing Firm. Pecan P.I.E. uses a methodology they created called Pieology to create cohesiveness between administration, employees, and customers. Michelle is also the host of Pecan Pie web series. The web series focuses on principals of Pieology People, Interiors, and Elegance found within the community that unites people together. Pecan Pie web series also is a testimony to what makes the south such an amazing place to work, live, and conduct business.

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