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Politics & Pound Cake: Mattie Thomas is the 4th Black Caucus Chair to Endorse Steyer

I honestly believe that all endorsements from politicians and entertainers should be taken with a grain of salt but now a personal endorsement from Mama Mattie, well that’s something different entirely.

To serve someone food has long been considered a sign of affection, particularly in the South where, the more someone feeds you, the higher regard they hold you. So, it was telling when Mattie Thomas, co-chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party’s Black Women’s Caucus, showed up at Tom Steyer’s campaign headquarters with a homemade pound cake. The simple act of feeding the campaign’s team showed that her support for Steyer goes far beyond the politics of an endorsement. And that it comes from a genuine affection for the candidate and a sincere belief that he will keep his promises to put our country back into the hands of the people, empower underserved communities and restore integrity to the White House.

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