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Socially Incorrect: 20 Lies Your Social Media Consultant Told You


By: Michael Bailey –

Social media has become a ubiquitous part of every businesses marketing department, and yet, too many businesses and most marketers get social media wrong.

Why? Because traditional marketers are still trying to shoehorn social media into the previously standard approach of talking to consumers instead of talking with them.  Even those who have begun to understand that social channels need to be audience centric rather than brand centric haven’t taken time to understand the strategies, algorithms and approach to content development that differentiate effective social media engagement from a lackluster campaign.

Last year TME Media Group staff attended over 50 social media classes conducted by marketing consultants and agencies from across the region. We then took the information taught and tested it ourselves in an effort to determine how well it compared to the social media techniques or marketing strategies suggested by the actual social media companies such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Our assessment indicated that despite best efforts, too many businesses were being taught traditional marketing strategies that simply don’t apply to social media marketing platforms. This has led to social media mismanagement based on misconceptions and dated ideas.

Based on that research we have developed a social media marketing awareness class called “Socially Incorrect, 20 lies your social media consultant told you.” The class centers around a social media specific curriculum called “SocialBiz” designed especially for businesses looking to understand exactly how to get the most out of social media.

What You’ll Learn
Attendees will unmask the 20 most common lies told to business owners about social media marketing for businesses. The workshop will show attendees the basics of developing and effective social media marketing strategy.

Who Should Attend
Any business owners who are currently or considering using social media to market their business or services online.

20 lies your social media consultant told you

Lie #1 – You don’t need to understand the Facebook Algorithm. 

Lie #2 – The Things I post on my personal page have nothing to do with my business page. 

Lie #3 – It’s all about ‘Likes.’ 

Lie #4 – When you post on social media you are advertising. 

Lie #5 – Posting a lot is a great strategy to make sure your post get seen.

Lie #6 – Social media is a great platform to sell on. 

Lie #7 – You need to be on all the most popular social media networks.

Lie #8 – It’s all about how many followers and friends you have. 

Lie #9 – Flyers are a great way to advertise on social media! 

Lie #10 – I’m A Super Star because I have ‘Fans’.

To get the full list, sign-up below for the free class.  Classes will be offered in person and online however, space is limited.

This class has ended –  

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Michael Bailey

Michael Bailey is the Chief Curator of Information at The MinorityEye a nationally recognized news blog that focuses on news, events and issues relevant minority communities. He is also an Integrated Marketing Communication Specialist at TME Media Group. His firm provides consulting and training services to non-traditional entrepreneurs as well as corporate, state and local agencies on how to develop integrated marketing strategies that connect with minority consumers.

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