The Difference Between A Ratchet Chick And A Lady

As a man who desires to get married to a Queen/Lady, I can’t wait for the ratchet chick phase to end, so that women can go back to being women and ladies can reign supreme.

A lady takes pride in being everything that’s good while ratchet takes pride in being just the opposite.  Here are 8 major differences:

1. GOAL DIGGER – While ladies are often passionate about honing their skills in the kitchen, becoming better parents, researching self-improvement techniques and overall ways to add value to society, ratchet women tend to be passionate about all the wrong things. A ratchet is passionate about making sure she has just as much pink in her hair as she does blue. Ratchets know the words to every 2 Chainz song, a successful knows the titles of many self-help books.

2. MAKING IT RAIN –   Ratchet may spend thousands of dollars on club gear thing she can’t afford nor prounce“Escader,” “Christian Dinor-ah,” “Lewis Vitton” and “Prader.” A successful woman is careful about what she spends her money on. She may forgo the club gear and put the extra money into a savings account.

3. SHOW ME YOUR MIND NOT YOUR BEHIND – Ratchets favorite pose on social media is the Back Shot .. While a lady prefers a Power Shot.

4. TWERK A BOOK AND MAKE THEM PAGES CLAP :) LOL – Ratchets are quick to post twerking videos.. A lady is always quickto twerk a book.

5. PREPARATION – If you stay ready you don’t have to get ready, but a ratchet is always ready for all of the wrong things. Ratchets are constantly prepared to fight and scream out ” You Ain’t About That Life. ” , ready with bail money, ready with 5 to put on it, and ready for everything that’s unproductive. A lady will pick and choose her battles wisely. She remains a lady at all times.

 6. RESPONSIBILITY – The majority of ratchets have no idea they are Ratchet. A lady on the other hand looks in the mirror and accepts self-responsibility.

 7. NO DRAMA MAMA – A ratchet does all the talking and never listens and has to be smack-dab in the middle of chaos. . A lady attempts to avoid drama… She’s a good listener.. If drama is about to unfold she tries to remedy the situation… If a lady sees drama she goes in the opposite direction.

8. QUIET TIME – Ladies make sure to schedule alone time. In a noisy world a successful woman understands that she has to carve out some alone time for herself. But a ratchet, the last thing she wants to do is be alone.. She has to hop on the phone to gossip and discuss the latest on Basketball Wives or Love & Hip Hop.

Source: Farrah Gray 

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Michael Bailey

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