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The Evolution of a Makeover Maven

During the internet’s early days, fashion bloggers caught a bad rap. They were often portrayed as young women obsessed with designer clothes, high-end shoes and handbags. It was said they spent all of their time dressing up to take selfies with their iPhones, posting their opinions online or making not so nice comments about celebrities’ outfits and hairstyles.

But as the internet evolved so did they. Now many of these bloggers have become celebrities in their own right and have transformed their blogs, which were once written for personal entertainment and amusement, into thriving businesses and well-respected fashion publications.

One fashion blogger to make this metamorphosis is the Midlands’ own Ebony Looney. This makeover maven has evolved to become one of Columbia’s most well-known names in image re-branding. Ebony, who started her fashion career as a Mary Kay consultant, then took her passion for making women beautiful online and launched the Make Me Over, Eb brand. Now the brand has grown to incorporate all aspects of image consulting ranging from clients’ personal appearance to their website presence.

To get more insight into the evolution of Make Me Over, Eb, we scheduled a quick phone interview, to find out what projects and events she had planned for 2015. What was supposed to be a 30-minute chat turned into a 3-hour conversation as Ebony discussed fashion, branding, making over websites and her love for helping people be beautiful in everything they do.

So what’s next for Eb?

Ebony Looney
Ebony Looney

Ebony has been developing a series of events and partnerships to help make her re-branding services accessible to everyone. Recent events have included a Beauty Brunch and a day of health and fitness.

Now, Strength of Nature and Sally Beauty Supply have tapped Ebony and her Make Me Over, Eb brand for the ultimate Sally Beauty in-store experience that will be tied into the “Flaunt Your Look” at the BET Awards Contest.

The event will take place on Friday, March 27, 2015 from 4pm – 7pm at the Sally Beauty Supply located at 7457 Patterson Rd, Ste 115.

For Sally Beauty Supply and Strength of Nature the partnership with Make Me Over, Eb demonstrates an understanding of the importance of fashion bloggers turned digital brand influencers.

For Ebony, the partnership represents the success of staying focused on her own brand and defining that brand on a national level.

Without a doubt. Make Me Over, Eb is quickly becoming the gold standard in re-branding and the #1 resource for giving your image a boost.

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Michael Bailey

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