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The MinorityEye Joins with Media Partners to Kick-Off National Don’t Go Live and Drive Campaign

Live-streaming apps such as Snapchat and Periscope are becoming increasingly popular among teens, thrill seekers and entrepreneurs whose brands rely on online engagement. Now, Facebook Live is the latest app to put live-streaming at people’s fingertips. However, along with the rise in popularity of these live-streaming apps come some unintentional and dangerous side effects.

That’s why, with the December launch of The MinorityEye Live, we have decided to not only use our Live news broadcast to discuss matters of importance to minority communities but to also educate audiences on the safe and proper use of live-streaming apps by joining with our media partners to kick-off a national “Don’t Go Live and Drive” campaign.

While we’re excited to join the growing list of online brands that are incorporating Facebook Live into their marketing arsenal. TME recognizes both the power of live-streaming technology and the danger that this technology poses to those who use it recklessly.  

With the kick-off of the “Don’t Go Live and Drive” campaign, The MinorityEye is not only teaching business owners how to integrate live-streaming into their marketing campaigns but is also hoping to save lives.

If you would like more information about how you can support the “Don’t Go Live and Drive” campaign or become a partner, contact TME Media Group at 803-619-3752 or email us at info@theminorityeye.com.

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