“You can have the greatest product in the world but if nobody knows about it, what good is it”?

Phil Knight, Chairman of Nike –

On average, non-minority businesses in South Carolina earn $150,000 annually, whereas minority businesses earn an average of only $50,000 annually. One of the major reasons for this economic gap is visibility in the marketplace. Because of low profitability and a lack of understanding of how important marketing is to their businesses, minority firms often operate on shoestring marketing budgets, making marketing and advertising efforts minimal at best or at worst nonexistent.

That’s why TME Media Group has developed MinorityBizSpace.com. As publisher of The MinorityEye, TME Media Group established South Carolina’s largest minority media outlet. The MinorityEye has over a quarter of million subscribers and over 70,000 daily visitors. Now we’re using our rapidly growing reach and network to put minority businesses in front of thousands of potential customers and those looking to partner with minority owned firms.

We’ve created, not another “Social Media” site but a “Business Media” platform where minority business owners from across the state can profile their businesses on an online network without the clutter and noise of a social media site that has an anything goes policy. Your business profile will be on a site with high traffic that’s easily accessible from any mobile device, whose visitors are specifically looking for vendors that provide the services, products or resources that their businesses and organizations need to grow and prosper.

Claiming your space is easy and it gives you an immediate professional online presence. Register your business on MinorityBizSpace.com today and take that first step towards making sure potential customers know why your brand matters.

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Michael Bailey
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