TME Launches EyeRead Monthly Book Club to Promote Local Self-published Authors

As more and more self-published authors enter the crowded literary market, it becomes more difficult for authors to stand out and make a profit. So, in order to support these aspiring literary entrepreneurs, The MinorityEye has launched the EyeRead Monthly Book Club.  

Keeping true to its ‘Eye’ brand, EyeRead is a play on “I Read.” The monthly book club is a interview segment that will be published monthly on The MinorityEye. The segment will introduce three adult non-fiction, three adult fiction authors and six authors who have published children’s books.

The EyeRead Monthly Book Club is part of The MinorityEye’s economic inclusion agenda for 2017, which seeks to promote, create and advocate for minority entrepreneurs in the local Columbia market.

Watch: EyeRead Monthly Book Club: Guest Author Rosa “Coco” Roberts

Just as self-publishing has transformed the literary market, independent niche blogs like The MinorityEye are transforming the local media landscape. Reporters and journalists who work for traditional media outlets often search social media to find story ideas and interesting people to interview or to be guests on their shows.

Reporters, TV and radio hosts continue to leverage local niche web shows like EyeRead because, in today’s ever connected and always ready to click a link world, it has become harder to capture audiences’ attention. So, when they find an author that has been interviewed on a web show like EyeRead, it makes their job that much easier. They’re finding an author who already has some experience being interviewed and that experience makes for a better interview for their programming. Also, web shows primarily promote their segments on social media or to a subscriber base which means featured authors are also likely to have created a buzz and a following online. They already have an audience that will tune-in to listen or watch them if they’re a guest on their show.

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If you are a local author and are interested in having your literary work featured on The MinorityEye’s EyeRead Monthly Book you can contact us at 803-619-3752 or via email at

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