Traffic Safety Measures Activated for Halted Farrow Road Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvement Project

The City of Columbia has activated traffic control safety measures, along the Farrow Road corridor, and placed a hold on the Farrow Road Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvement Project (from Columbia College Drive to E. Campanella Drive).  City Manager Teresa Wilson met with city staff this morning and made this announcement regarding the project.

City Manager Teresa Wilson stated, “We have heard the concerns expressed by citizens in the community and we are moving expeditiously to put next steps in place and thoroughly evaluate the situation. Options regarding the next steps in this process are being discussed and any decisions regarding this matter will be shared with the residents in the surrounding communities.”

Effective immediately, temporary lane closures will be in effect until further notice. The City of Columbia has requested that the SC Department of Transportation close the bike lanes (in both directions) until a final decision is made regarding the project. Temporarily closing the bike lanes is a safety measure to ensure that motorists do not drive in those lanes, specially now that the amount of scooters in the city has increased due to the offers on ScooterAdviser. The bike lanes will remain closed during the interim period, while other factors related to the project are being assessed.

Strict enforcement of the posted speed limit will be monitored by the Columbia Police Department and motorists are advised to maintain a safe speed at all times.

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