Turbeville Teen Saves Man From Drowning

Nineteen year-old Nick Floyd doesn’t consider himself a hero.

“Honestly I don’t. I feel if anybody else would of pulled up when i did they would of done the same thing,” Floyd said. “I did what i had to do and I don’t think it was heroic honestly myself.”

But there are those that might disagree.

Last weekend, Floyd was driving along the Old Manning Road in New Zion when four people flagged him down.

The four had just been involved in a two car accident: one of those cars was on the bridge, and the other was in the water, and so was the driver of that car, 58-year-old James Rhodes.

No one on the bridge could swim, and rescue units were still minutes away.

“I guess he rolled down the window, because water started rushing in and by then he started yelling and the car was completely submerge,” Floyd said. “Honestly I didn’t have a choice so I took my shirt off and jumped in and.swam underwater and tried to find the door handle. I found it and opened the door which was hard…pulled him out and then dragged him to here.”

“I don’t know if he was in the right state of mind. He couldn’t really speak to me when I was asking him questions. He wasn’t able to respond, ” Floyd added.

“I’m very proud of him,” said his dad, Chris Floyd. “He’s always been a good kid and I’m real proud of him, his mother and I both are very proud of him. To jump in that cold swamp water in February as cold as it is…I’m very proud of him.”

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