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Unapologetically Here

Columbia, SC – Unapologetically Here is a practical and realistic reading guide designed to enhance your quest to authentically and unapologetically being you. Author Naomi P Washington inspires, motivates, and encourages others to unapologetically live in their purpose. Many times she found herself ashamed of her past. Carrying this shame led her to feel a need to apologize for stepping into the purpose for which God created her. After some difficult moments which impacted her life, she made an intentional decision to unapologetically think, speak, and live. Making this decision led her right where God created her to be. Someone is waiting for YOU to show up. Unapologetically Here was written with the intent to challenge each reader to live their purpose on purpose.

About the author, Naomi P Washington

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Naomi P Washington

Naomi P Washington is the Founder and CEO of NewPlaceWithin, LLC. Naomi is driven by her personal story of survival and she has a passion for helping others to live unapologetically on purpose. Naomi started her company after meeting many women who, like her, struggled with today’s demanding lifestyle and expectations. Naomi gave herself permission to unapologetically live her own life and through consulting, speaking, and writing Naomi lives boldly, deliberately, and unapologetically in her purpose on purpose.

Naomi’s innate sense of compassion is what lead her to pursue a career in Social Work. Naomi holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work from Columbia College in Columbia South Carolina, and a Masters of Arts degree in Human Services, Marriage and Family Counseling from Liberty University in Lynchburg Virginia. Naomi is an established professional in the field social work and human services with nearly 10 years of experience with the State of South Carolina and other Non-Profit and Educational organizations in South Carolina.

For more information about UNAPOLOGETICALLY HERE, please visit or contact NewPlaceWithin,LLC at (803) 386-8317.

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