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WOW Productions Offers Youth, Teen and Adult Acting Classes

If so, what are you doing to make sure you are the best actor you can be? Our professional actors and trainers are skilled in finding what your strengths and unique skills are and work hard to pull them through to get you to your best! Students express their creativity and imagination while exploring basic acting fundamentals.

During these sessions, students will go over:

  • Audition Techniques – how to prepare and getting ready for an audition;
  • Scene Study – how to take a script and make it come alive;
  • Monologues – find or perfect your monologue so you can land that role;
  • Character Development – how to become someone you are not and make it believable and
  • Improv Techniques – how to think on your feet and make the right choices in acting.

Our professional trainers use related exercises to develop each actor’s ability to listen, live ina the moment and trust one’s instincts. This acting class is ideal for the beginning actors as well as actors that need to brush up on their skills. This is an ongoing WEEKLY DROP IN CLASS. So feel free to jump in when you can!

THE DROP IN CLASSES are geared towards those who are interested in taking a few classes here or there without the monthly commitment. Classes are available for kids, teens and adults.  No class will be the same so come once or as often as you would like.

You could never learn or sharpen your skills enough.


$25per class at the door

$22.00 per class / online registration

Register for FOUR classes within 6 weeks, receive ONE class free.

For more information, feel free to contact us at or call 803.807.2969.

Click here for more information about classes.

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