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2018 SC African- American Tourism Conference to Focus on Infrastructure

(Charleston, SC) The 2018 SC African- American Tourism Conference will center around the theme of infrastructure.  The conference will take place on Saturday, September 29 at the College of Charleston Beatty Center located at 5 Liberty Street.  The day’s opening session will begin at 9:00 a.m.

The SC African- American Tourism Conference is organized by JC & Associates, a Greenville based company headed by the husband and wife team of Kwadjo and Rashida Jeffers- Campbell, on behalf of their client, The Wando- Huger, CDC. The is the sixth African- American Tourism Conference that JC & Associates has organized as they continue to focus on the growth of South Carolina’s $2.4 Billion African-American tourism sector.

Dr. Kevin Ho, Center of Economic Excellence in Tourism and Economic Development will provide the day’s keynote address.  Additional session topics for the day include a regional approach to tourism, current projects around the state, Resource Development for Nonprofits, Resource Development for “Entrepreneurs, The Black Travel Movement: Marketing to African- Americans and Reconstruction Era Monument.

Kwadjo and Rashida Jeffers-Campbell said that this year’s conference will be a continuation of the accomplishments from previous year’s events. “We are filled with pride and joy as we announce our sixth (6th) annual African-American Tourism Conference. Since our initial conference, we have held ourselves accountable to the community by cultivating the growth of the African- American niche of the Tourism Industry in South Carolina.”

The tourism industry in South Carolina generates about $17 billion dollars for the state’s economy. It is our goal to develop the African-American sector of South Carolina’s tourism industry so that African-American communities are able to reap more of the benefits from its multi-billion dollar impact.  

Currently, the Economic Impact of African- American Tourism is:

  •  $2.4 Billion Dollars
  •  $26,300 Jobs Created
  •  12% of annual visitation to South Carolina

A 5% increase would produce the following in added economic impact:

  •  $118.6 Million
  •  1,315 New Jobs

In order to increase these benefits, the community must be educated on the African American tourism industry in South Carolina. Our conference aims to educate the community by:

  1. Informing Tourism Industry officials about the benefits of supporting and promoting the African-American sector of the industry through public policy.
  1. Educating residents from historically disadvantaged communities about the resources available to them for businesses & non-profits servicing this industry.
  1. Strategize on the future and growth of the African- American sector of the Tourism Industry, focusing on the goals and objectives set at the annual Think Tank.

The event will be an explosive day of strategy, collaboration, and synergy as some of the industry’s movers and shakers melt with stakeholders from African American tourism to create a platform that will reap South Carolina economic benefits for years to come.

Economic Impact Study: University of SC/JC & Associates

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