6 Tips to Nurture Creativity and Build a Sustainable Business: A Guide to Full-time Content Creation in 2024

Fueling creativity in order to build a business

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Casualties of Creativity

While I don’t subscribe to the tradition of New Year resolutions, I’ve made a personal commitment to write something artistic every day, to build in public, and to share all that I’ve learned. 

I share with you the bitter truth I’ve come to know: the path of a creative soul is fraught with sacrifices, what I call the “Casualties of Creativity.” To embrace this lifestyle means bidding farewell to certain comforts, chief among them the security of a steady paycheck.

But as you all know your creativity can sustain you but you must keep that fire burning inside. Here are a few nuggets that will help you nurture your creativity. 

6 Tips to Nurture Creativity and Build a Sustainable Business

  1. Strive to create something artistically significant on a weekly basis. It is through this consistent dedication to creativity that one acquires expertise and generates value, attracting those who seek to leverage your skills to propel their own dreams, whether in the realm of commerce or artistry. In the rhythm of creation, consistency breeds mastery, transforming your art into endless possibilities.
  1. Seek wisdom beyond the confines of age, for both youth and seniors hold their own treasures. Allow me to explain: if you’re young, invest more time with the elders than your peers; they harbor pearls of wisdom yet unearthed. Conversely, if you’re in the autumn of your years, embrace the vigor of youth; they illuminate the path forward in this ever-changing world. In my younger days, I discovered that my peers held little to offer in terms of wisdom or experience. Hours frittered away with those in the same boat as I yielded naught but frustration. Conversely, engaging with elders revealed pathways I had yet to tread. Similarly, as I’ve grown older, I’ve found solace in the company of the young. They are the navigators of this new world, versed in its rhythms and currents. Their insights into technology and trends are invaluable, especially when seeking to market one’s creative endeavors to a fresh audience.
  1. Get a Mentor and a Mentee. The mentors I’ve been fortunate to have were invaluable. They illuminated the shadows, sparing me the arduous journey of trial and error. In today’s swiftly evolving market, time is a precious currency; there’s little room for learning the hard way. Fortunes are forged and falter in the blink of an eye, swiftly shifting to the next frontier. Remember, you need someone to pour wisdom into you, just as much as you need someone to receive your own insights. For in this exchange, knowledge flows freely, enriching both the giver and the receiver.
  1. Have a friend or a group of friends you trust who you can travel with. Explore with these friends and try different things, get to know different customs and cultures, different occupations, and experience different cities, even different parts of town. The world contains a wealth of knowledge that is invaluable, but that knowledge is held by people, and you have to get out and meet and get to know these people to gain that knowledge. To do that, you have to be willing to step into their world. The act alone will nourish your creativity in ways that increase the value of what you have to say, what you create, and the perspective from which you share it, whether that be a book, art, photograph, video, or even a blog.
  1. One of the most important rules for creators and those with a creative spark is to “Create your own world – your own sanctuary.” Living a dual life may seem unconventional, but with only one life to live, why not make the most of it? Build a sanctuary where you can freely express your true self without inhibition. The world often pressures us to conform to a 9-5 routine, adhering to societal norms that can stifle our dreams and passions. It advocates for a life of routine, telling us that this is what “normal” people do. But we must reject this notion, as it suffocates creativity and individuality. Instead, carve out a space where you can thrive, where settling for mediocrity is not an option, especially when you’re meant for greatness. Creativity is your guiding light, leading you to new heights and unexplored territories. Nurture it within the safety of your sanctuary, shielded from external judgment and criticism that can dampen your spirit. As your skills grow and flourish, so too will your confidence, extending its influence into every aspect of your real-world experiences. This newfound confidence will drive you to exude greatness in your everyday life, equipping you with the knowledge and finesse to make your reality as remarkable as the world you’ve crafted. After all you read about entrepreneurs and artists doing it every day—why shouldn’t you?
  1. The final and perhaps most crucial advice I can share with you is pivotal in this day and age: get the content you create and other creative work published. Doing interviews for bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters, Facebook and Instagram live shows, and even traditional media outlets like radio and newspapers holds immense value. Then, promote these interviews on social media, but refrain from publishing all your work directly to platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This demonstrates to people that your work is special because others are discussing and interviewing you about it. Scarcity breeds demand, and heightened demand enhances value. In a world where everyone is constantly sharing every moment of their lives on social media, such platforms have become saturated. This oversaturation swiftly devalues your creative works, rendering them commonplace and basic. You just become part of the noise. You should maintain a constant presence on social media, but avoid putting all your creative work there. Establish your platform (website/app) where the bulk of your work is featured. Avoid spending your days on shameless self-promotion, as this makes you ordinary and leaves your audience with nothing to anticipate. To truly build value, you must compel your audience to seek you out. This simple principle has been the cornerstone of my success, yielding substantial rewards and paving the way for my career as a full-time creator.

Create, and you shall be known as a Creator

For my closing thought I will leave you with just this. Value your craft and yourself, dare to be different and never underestimate your worth. Embrace struggle, for it is often the crucible of creativity. 

Spend your time with creatives who have had success as creators. Proximity to success breeds further success. You see, success and creativity have always been, and will always be, contagious. Unfortunately, so too is failure and mediocrity.

In its essence, the path is simple: create, and you shall be known as a creator. Spend time with successful people, and people will view you as successful. By default, the things you create or the services you provide will be perceived as valuable. Once this occurs, the only thing left to do is assign a price to what you have created.

As we conclude this journey of reflection and revelation, let us embrace the profound truth that resides within our creative souls. For in the tapestry of existence, we are the weavers of our own destiny, sculptors of our own narratives.

For in the end, it is not merely about what we create, but the legacy we leave behind—an indelible mark upon the canvas of existence, a testament to the enduring spirit of creativity that resides within us all.

Michael Bailey, a trailblazer in the field of photojournalism and a profound political writer, possesses the exceptional ability to distill complex political issues into accessible narratives that resonate with readers of all backgrounds. As the vanguard of the editorial team, Michael not only serves as a new media correspondent but also showcases his distinct talent as a photojournalist. His portfolio is a testament to his expertise in crafting news stories and intimate profiles that vividly portray the cultural, social, economic, and political journeys of minorities, both in South Carolina and beyond. With a rich tapestry of experience spanning media, business, and politics, Michael has emerged as a highly regarded voice and a sought-after commentator, offering invaluable insights into the challenges faced by people of color.

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