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A Promise of Leadership for Rural Voters Activates in Fairfield County

(Blair, SC) – The Fairfield County branch of the NAACP, hosted nearly 20 active organizers last month discuss leadership, youth engagement, and invigorating rural voters across the state. 

The NAACP Pastor’s Brunch was hosted by NAACP Political Action Committee chairwoman, Tangee Brice Jacobs, at her home on August 10th, in Blair. Among the group were pastors from five local churches, representatives from the 46Votes Organization, The Blair Coalition of Churches, local residents and State House Representative Annie E. McDaniel. 

Jacobs kicked off the public gathering with individual Q&A and a candid non-partisan forum for dialogue to reach a unifying takeaway and a call-to-action to deliver to local residents. The chairwoman shared how the meeting was an opportunity to baseline ideas and to develop an initial focus group for gathering interest for a county-wide panel for all church leaders later this year. “We are home for 200 churches in this county, and our organizers worked very hard to reach as many as we could to get this conversation going,” she explained. “Time is of the essence in Fairfield County if we are to get ahead of February’s primary election and make a real impact for change in this state,” Jacobs told listeners.  

Black voters made up 61% of South Carolina’s Democratic electorate in 2016, and they’re expected to make up two-thirds of the electorate in their state’s Presidential Primary election. The list of action items on the agenda included targeting voter suppression, reversing voter apathy in youth and millennials, and increasing voter turnout in rural areas. 

No official announcement was made for the date or location of the next event. For more information on political action in Fairfield please contact Tangee Brice Jacobs by email at [email protected]. For membership, contact Bydester Hall at [email protected] or call 803.635.3251 to reach the local branch of the NAACP. 

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Nocola Hemphill

Nocola Hemphill is a mother, writer, branding consultant, corporate trainer, and entrepreneur. Born in Charlotte, NC, the South Carolina State University double biology and chemistry major is inspired to serve the best interest of women and children through visible and action-oriented thought leadership. The Founder and Executive Coach of Glow Hive works to empower women in the fight against poverty worldwide.

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