A.V. Strong Enters the Race for Richland County Sheriff

A New Approach to Law Enforcement

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My Fellow Citizens! I’m Arma V. Strong and on Monday, 16 March 2020, I filed to be an official candidate for the office of Richland County Sheriff.

My decision for running for office is that I believe law enforcement in Richland County should be present progressive and deserves a change that benefits the citizens of our communities. I believe that in order to Serve and Protect all the citizens of Richland County it is necessary to look at law enforcement in a new and expanding light.

Law enforcement is changing, the types of crimes and criminals are evolving and there is a need to Identify how Law Enforcement can effectively address the new criminal activity such as the spread of  (Gangs, Drugs, Human Trafficking, Burglary, and Auto break-ins and theft). The Richland County crime rates show an expansion of these, as well as, an up-swing in murders, assaults, and drive-by shootings. Some of these crimes have evolved rapidly and will continue to evolve if we, the Richland County Law Enforcement take a different approach to serving and protecting.

  Times have changed and now our communities are experiencing a new and frightening type of criminal activity that will call for a new standard of law enforcement training and community policing. This means we are looking toward continual training after the academy, as well as, improved hiring practices. These efforts will strengthen the communication of needs within every community in the county by providing the necessary deputies in the right positions, with training to meet those specific needs.  I plan to increase patrol patterns and implement the hiring of Class 2, and Class 3 deputies to strengthen our School Resource Officer programs and other essential areas within the community.

I am proposing a new approach to Law Enforcement and Community Policing. During the course of my campaign, I look forward to speaking to our Communities about my approach to Serving and Protecting the Richland County citizens.

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