About Us

Culturally Conscious, Racially Relevant Reporting

Founded in 2009 in Columbia, South Carolina, TME Media Group is a digital marketing and integrated communications firm which develops digital and mobile publications. We also provide consulting and training in digital marketing strategies to small business owners as well as to conduct online marketing and public awareness campaigns that connect with minority voters and consumers in today’s digital world.

We’re Locally Connected and Nationally Respected….

Our flagship publication, The MinorityEye is a community-powered news and information hub created for a digital world. We share the stories of a diverse community from diverse perspectives with a mobile generation. The MinorityEye produces original stories and curates digital content from blogs and other information sources around the web through our proprietary marketing attribution algorithm, known as ‘MAPPS.’ The algorithm places a higher priority on stories and information with local relevance then ranks stories that have racial and cultural significance. We’re Locally Connected and Nationally Respected….

Through blogs, podcasts, photo essays and online videos we share our most intimate thoughts, express our discontent and outrage, dispel stereotypes, expose truths and voice our opinions and beliefs. We reflect on our struggles and failures as well as celebrate our triumphs and champions.

We offer all those interested a rare chance to see the world not just as we see it but as it sees us. Each article, interview, and image offers a diverse view of a diverse community.

In five short years, we have gained over a quarter million subscribers making us the largest minority-focused news outlet in South Carolina and we have become a national resource for news and information that impacts minority communities.