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Advertisement of Vacancies on Various Boards and Commissions

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The City of Columbia is accepting applications to fill several vacancies on the following boards and commissions. 

Board of Zoning Appeals (BOZA)

Seeking to fill one (1) vacancy.

The purpose of the Board is to consider applications for variances to the development standards of the Zoning Ordinance, for special exceptions, and for administrative appeals where a person claims that the Zoning Administrator has erred in the enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance. In making a decision about an application, Board members apply criteria outlined within the Zoning Ordinance. The Board does not act as a recommending body to City Council; instead, appeals of decisions of the Board are heard in Circuit Court.- Term- 3 years

Columbia Music Festival Association (CMFA)

Seeking to fill two (2) vacancies.

The purpose of the Columbia Music Festival Association is to educate, discover, develop, train, assist, and promote the musical and artistic talents of the area’s citizens; to produce, present and promote the best in the performing arts through arts organizations and artists; to provide centralized management, administrative and production services and coordination for its member arts organizations and artists; to coordinate volunteer services for the member arts affiliate organizations; and serve as an arts council in support of its member affiliate organizations. Term- 4 years

Columbia Tree and Appearance Commission (CTAC)

Seeking to fill one (1) vacancy.

Seeking to fill one (1) vacancy for a Developer/Realtor.

The Columbia Tree and Appearance Commission has the following powers and duties: To review and recommend policies and ordinances affecting the planting, removal and preservation of trees on public and private property; provide advice on the allocation of resources and policies for the planting, care and removal of trees in the

City of Columbia; serve as an advisory body to the City Forestry and Beautification Superintendent in the administration of this article; review and make recommendations related to the City Forestry and Beautification Division’s annual work plan and any comprehensive urban forestry or reforestation plans; provide public education and advocacy on tree value, preservation and care; make recommendations to City Council on disbursements of the Columbia Landscape and Tree Fund; oversee the development and implementation of a master plan for the beautification of the City of Columbia; and advise the City and its boards and commissions regarding landscaping, tree planting, protection and removal. CTAC helps sponsor the annual Arbor Day celebration, Treasured Tree program and Columbia Choice Awards. Term- 3 years

Greater Columbia Community Relations Council (GCCRC)

Seeking to fill seven (7) vacancies.

The purpose of the council is to submit recommendations and opinions regarding community relation matters that affect the Greater Columbia Area. They seek individuals with a desire to help the community develop better relations and provide objective goals to help foster good relations in our community. They serve as mediators, trainers and advocates for people who need assistance in our community. This Council provides an abundance of services including Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) forums for the public, Fair Housing Education, as well as, programs aimed at helping develop strong interpersonal skills. This committee is multi-jurisdictional with Richland County, Columbia Chamber of Commerce and the City each appointing ten (10) members for a total of 30 members. Term- 3 years

Riverbanks Parks Commission

Seeking to fill one (1) vacancy.

The purpose of the Riverbanks Park Commission is responsible for the overall operation and maintenance of Riverbanks Zoo. This committee consists of seven commissioners.  Columbia City Council, Richland County Council, and Lexington County Council each appoint two (2) members independently and the seventh member is appointed by one of these bodies on a rotating basis.  Term- 6 years.

Planning Commission

Seeking to fill one (1) vacancy. 

The purpose of this commission is to develop and maintain a continuing planning program which will benefit City of Columbia residents; to provide a mutual forum to identify, discuss, study and address local development issues and opportunities; to foster, develop and review policies, plans and priorities in order to ensure orderly growth, development, conservation and preservation; to furnish technical assistance to city government and its agents; and to review and coordinate federal, state and local programs that have an impact on the city. Term – 3 years

Deadline –Applications are due no later than October 13, 2022.

To apply please visit,, and apply through our new MatchBoard interface. If you require more information or additional assistance, please contact Ashley Jenkins at 803-545-3026 or send a request to via email,

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