African American Data Scientist Launches CryptoCurrency ATM Tech App called “Crypto$hare”

CryptoShare is a Black-owned Business Currently Taking Investors at

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(Miami, FL) – Crypto$hare is a Peer-to-Peer Lending platform that allows people to lend and borrow currency utilizing ATMS. 

Crypto$hare is being created by the World Data Science Institute (an SEC Registered Financial Data Science Research & Development Company)! 

The company specializes in developing Advanced Blockchain and Financial Technology projects using Data Science!

Their Flagship project is Crypto$hare with a predicted market valuation worth $534 million. 

According to USA Fico Score Statistics, African Americans have the lowest credit Score! This means that accessing loans with a reasonable interest rate is almost impossible.

Crypto$hare will allow investors anywhere around the world to exchange and borrow with each other instantly without needing to have a traditional credit score.

Anade Davis Founder of Crypto$hare

The platform will allow people to get instant loans using items and assets they already own as collateral. This way every loan is collateralized in case of default!

The adoption of physical assets and digital assets such as cryptocurrency allows Crypto$hare to provide alternative funding options for people that need it the most outside of high-interest pawnshops.

“As an African American man, that has had issues my entire life with credit and access to loans. Our platform is an actual solution that would be setup to benefit a population of billions,” says Anade (Founder of World Data Science Institute).

The platform provides a much-needed alternative to the long process of building up credit and going through the traditional credit approval process.

Oftentimes, the loans that people are approved for with a low credit rating means very high-interest rates and high payments. We look to disrupt the continuous cycle that keeps people in debt and owing lenders.

The World Data Science Institute was also the Winner of Technology Innovator Awards 2021 (presented by Corporate Vision)!

To learn more about Company, information is here:

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