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African-American Entrepreneurs ‘Own’ the Twitter


When it comes to engaging with Twitter the African American community has adopted the social media platform faster than other ethnic groups. A recent pew study found that 26 percent of black Internet users reported using Twitter compared to 19 percent of Hispanics and 14 percent of whites. Twitter is also becoming the preferred social media platform for African American entrepreneurs. Black business owners have been using Twitter to drive traffic to their businesses, websites and events at a faster rate than any other racial group.

That’s why, as part of The MinorityEye’s 2014 economic engagement initiative we are seeking to connect with all South Carolina minority business owners and entrepreneurs that are currently on Twitter.

If you are a minority business owner that’s on Twitter please follow us @theminorityeye on Twitter. In 2014 we begin tweeting targeted information that’s pertinent to small business owners such as; bid opportunities, information of available grants, training classes and workshops that are geared toward empowering small business owners with valuable skills and resources needed to develop, expand and increase profits and sales. Please let your Twitter followers know about Us as well.

Follow us @theminoriteye, so “YOU” can Lead our economic empowerment initiative.

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Michael Bailey

Michael Bailey is the founder of The MinorityEye and serves as the Chief-Curator of Information. He leads the editorial staff and works as a multimedia journalist who specializes in producing news stories and personal profiles that highlight the cultural, social, economic, and political experiences of minorities living in South Carolina and beyond. His extensive media, business, and political background has made him a well-respected voice and an often sought-after commentator on issues impacting people of color.

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