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African Americans Spend $40 Billion Each Year on Travel and Tourism, But Few of These Dollars Are Re-Invested Into Black Communities… Until Now!

The hotel and travel industry is a huge business in the U.S., generating billions of dollars. African Americans alone spend $40 billion a year for business conferences, weddings, vacations and other events, yet very little of that spending comes back into the African American business community. Two groups have recently stepped forward to change all that.

Two organizations determined to change things

The U.S. Black Chambers (USBC) and the National Association of Black Hotel Owners, Operators and Developers (NABHOOD) have agreed to work together to raise awareness of the importance of patronizing black-owned businesses. Striving to do more business with black-owned hotels will result in increasing jobs and cultivating more black executives and owners within the same industry where they are spending billions every year.

According to NABHOOD, there are more than 500 black-owned hotels and hospitality venues in the United States, and nine in the Caribbean, Ghana and Liberia. A conscious effort to be aware of these black-owned businesses and tap into their resources is an important step in increasing business with this segment and bringing more dollars back into the black community.

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