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Attitude Matters in Business

I think the elephant in the room when it comes to the failure of some businesses is Attitude matters. What is Attitude? According to one dictionary Attitude is a way of thinking or feeling about something or someone. Attitude is reflected in a person’s behavior. In business, the Attitude of employees matter because it can enhance or negatively impact the customer’s experience. Have you ever visited a business and employees were uninviting or gave you the impression you were an interruption to their day? More than likely, you did as most people do and gave the business multiple opportunities to demonstrate your business matters. In your mind, you rationalized this particular employee was having a bad day. The question then becomes, how many bad days are employees allowed to have until you decide your money is best spent elsewhere. If I was a betting person it would be safe to assume not too many.

Business owners spend countless hours perfecting their products, services, and crafts for their customers.  Poorly trained employees or employees with negative attitudes about a job they have been entrusted could result in the failure of that business.  The unfortunate thing about this scenario is this type of employee is apathetic when it comes to the survival or failure of the business.  In other words, they can care less and move on to their next victim.  Such individuals did fill out an application and interviewed for the job stating they were “A Team Player”. True to their words they played the team right out of business.

Attitude in business can also be very costly.  An example of this could be if the company is rolling out new services or implementing God forbids the “C” word change. The Attitude of employees could prevent the success of the rollout.  Management staff finds themselves working harder to change Attitudes about change rather than rolling out the changes the business needs to grow or improve.  Time is money so the more time spent to gain buy-in or correct negative Attitudes towards change could be costly.

Chick-Fil-A is the model example of what can happen to a business when employees demonstrate the right Attitude.  Chick-Fil-A’s business model promotes prosperity and growth based on employee and customer satisfaction.  Everyone is happy at Chick-Fil-A including the cows.  Yes, the cows are happy also because they are making money.  Everyone at Chick-Fil-A is making money.  Chick-Fil-A has earned the American Customer Satisfaction Index annual survey award maintaining the number one spot for the past three years.  Don’t believe me. Just visit a Chick-Fil-A and the long lines will validate my claim Attitude in business matters.

Why does Attitude in business matter to you the business owner?  You spend countless days, sleepless night, and making sacrifices to add value and provide an experience to your customer’s life.  You missed your child’s baseball game because a client needed you at the same time.  Your business made someone’s life just a little bit easier.  Therefore, the Attitude of your employees matter because you are looking for a return on your investment and sacrifice.   Your employees may view their position as just a job.  However, as a fellow business owner, I’m sure you agree your business is your passion and calling.   Here are a few things you can do to help develop your employees Attitude:

  1. Praise your employees when they do a great job.
  2. Share with them positive feedback from customers.
  3. When customers have bad experiences discuss with employees what went wrong and what went right (role-playing is good when having this discussion).
  4. Be mindful of the amount of overtime employee’s work. Overworked employees tend to be short tempered when stressed.
  5. Employees who work 5 hrs. or more should have an opportunity to step away from their responsibilities and take an uninterrupted break.

The above mentioned are just a few of the things business owners can do to help their employee’s maintain a positive Attitude while working.

This blog would be incomplete if I did not mention you the business owner, manager, supervisor, administrator, or corporate executive.  What is your role in Attitudes in business? You play the most crucial role because you set the example for everyone to follow.  This is a true story I share with you.  I was one of the Directors at a company and all Directors answered to the Executive Director.  Our Executive Director would sit in the conference room after morning meetings and during lunch breaks with other Directors and management staff conversing with team members inclusive of managers and ancillary staff.  Their conversations were not based upon developing people or growing the business but tearing them down using harsh derogatory words.  You can only imagine the culture this created.  The Executive Directors Attitude about team members caused a division among management and ancillary staff.  The business began to suffer along with the Attitudes of personnel.  Customers were affected as complaints increased and dissatisfaction crossed all boards.  The Executive Director attempted to turn things around however it was too late.  The gangrene had spread and the work environment became undesirable resulting in an employee turnover rate greater than 50%.  As business owners and leaders we work hard and make many sacrifices for our positions would you not agree that our Attitude matters?

Need more help; Pecan P.I.E. Marketing & Design Firm understands the big picture and has programs to protect your investment and sacrifice by developing your team into Brand Representatives (BR). Our programs are inclusive of you the leader because you are part of the brand for your business or organization. Visit our website at pecanpiemarketing.com and complete the contact page.  You may also email us at [email protected] or call 803-445-3993 today.

P.I.E. blogs are published twice monthly.  We look forward to your next visit.  Please also send comments or topics you would like to know more about to [email protected] or pecanpiemarketing.com contact page.

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Michelle Thompson

Michelle Thompson, MBA is the owner of Pecan P.I.E. Marketing Firm. Pecan P.I.E. uses a methodology they created called Pieology to create cohesiveness between administration, employees, and customers. Michelle is also the host of Pecan Pie web series. The web series focuses on principals of Pieology People, Interiors, and Elegance found within the community that unites people together. Pecan Pie web series also is a testimony to what makes the south such an amazing place to work, live, and conduct business.

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