Dr. Burnett Gallman

Dr. Burnett Gallman is an accomplished physician, author, and speaker. Dr. Gallman has served as chief of internal medicine at Richland Memorial Hospital and Baptist Medical Center in Columbia, S.C. He now works at Dorn V.A. Medical Center and is in private practice. Dr. Gallman has written five books and many essays and articles. Throughout his career, he has lectured on medical, historical, and cultural topics to professional and civic groups across the United States and beyond. As a dedicated and engaged community advocate, he sits on the National Board of the Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations and serves as co-chair of the council of elders education commission of the KRST Universal Temple in Columbia.


Are Afrikan Americans Oppressed?

We often hear the refrain that Black folks are oppressed in this country. When that is stated, there will be some people who agree with the statement and others who will disagree saying that black folk are playing the “victim

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