BLACK MEN: We Need To Leave America

By: Kent J. of Black & Abroad –

This is not a piece about how foreign women will be docile and treat you like a king, sorry bruh. This is about preservation of self. This is about saving your sanity. This is about living. You need to leave the United States for a couple of days (or weeks, or years), and you need to do it alone.

Let’s be honest, there are often times where you feel like a foreigner in your own home.  No matter how accomplished you’ve become, your own country still looks at you like an anomaly, a glitch, an insult to the system designed to defeat me and you, your momma and your cousin too. As black men, we are constantly subjected to the idea of who we are, instead of our truths.

As lucky as I’ve been to travel the world pretty frequently, many would be surprised to learn my first international solo trip was this year.  I’ve flown solo to destinations and met up with friends in different cities, but a trip where I was my only ally in another country hadn’t happened just yet.  Now that I’ve done it, I’m pissed I didn’t take a solo journey earlier. I didn’t know how badly I needed to be away. I didn’t know how much I would gain from going alone. I didn’t know until I came back. I needed a break from America.

Here’s some reasons why you’re in need of a solo trip abroad. Read the full list at the link below.

Source: BLACK MEN: We Need To Leave America – Black & Abroad

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