Black Voter Education Project: 5 Articles Every Black Voter Should Read this Week

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Kamala Harris and Black Women Voters Helped Joe Biden Get Elected. Here’s How America Can Do Right by Them

‘This Is Proof’: Biden’s Win Reveals Power of Black Voters

What Biden Owes Black Voters

Black voters steer America toward moral clarity in presidential race

Black voters led America in the winning direction. Now what?

The Black Voter Education Project is an initiative under the Black Voter Accountability Campaign. The project consists of the weekly promotion and distribution of a curated selection of news stories and articles about how important black voters were to the success of President-Elect Joe Biden’s campaign and how critical black voters are to the Democratic Party as a whole. Additionally, the campaign will include a weekly Virtual Voter Conversation with the Chairman of the Democratic Black Caucus of South Carolina to discuss the state of race relations between the state Democratic Party and the black community of South Carolina along with news, updates, and events important to black Democratic voters in South Carolina. 

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'This Is Proof': Biden's Win Reveals Power of Black Voters

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