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Why Join TME’s Current Events Club

What is An Current Events Club  A Current Event Club is just like a book club but without the huge time commitment of reading a 400-page book. A group of individuals with


Become An Ally: Join the Allies Network

Nielsen estimates that Black shoppers spend more than $1.2 trillion annually and, in the wake of recent events that have rocked the nation, these shoppers are thinking twice about where they spend


Start A New Business In The News Industry

Take advantage of entrepreneurship opportunities in the $5.1 Billion dollar news industry Today the news business is a $5.1 billion dollar a year industry. News agencies and multimedia news programs dominate the



The MinorityEye is the largest minority focused news outlet in South Carolina. Although our core focus is on local news, we have quickly become a national resource for news and information, receiving over 100,000 visitors


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The MinorityEye is the trendiest and most innovative publication in South Carolina’s media market. There, we said it. It’s a little uncomfortable saying that about ourselves but the numbers speak for themselves. For