Charleston, SC Native Jade Simmons; An exciting new option for President

From the piano to the pulpit, to world-wide platforms, and now towards the Presidency

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Uncommon leadership for uncommon times and a new breed of leader for our new era ahead.

Leadership is ultimately about identity. We should see ourselves in our leaders. We should hear our heartbeat in theirs.

In uncertain times, we have to be certain about our chosen leaders, and that certainly won’t come from the usual burnished political record, nor will it be confirmed by typical markers of commercial success. We will know how our leaders will lead by looking at how they have lived.

What we are responding to, as a movement, is way bigger than one man or one administration.

Jade Simmons

A thorough recovery after the trial of the COVID-19 epidemic will need to be marked by urgency, genuine concern for humanity, a desire for collaboration, and no tolerance for business or politics as usual. Our next leader must be someone who will always prioritize people, who will never play one side against the other, and who will search tirelessly for common sense, common ground solutions that make the successful pursuit of life and liberty more possible for more people.

Our next leader will have to be completely non-partisan. She will have no lopsided agenda but will be on a mission to restore our highest forms of greatness. She will have no party loyalties and no base except the nation itself.

A vibrant voice confidently speaking truth to power on both sides of the aisle, Jade Simmons is on a mission to help repair the damage done to the cultural and spiritual fabric of America in this unprecedented age of division. She represents those who feel their faith, their gender, and their race have been held hostage by political parties hellbent on the opposition at all costs.

As a social change agent, Jade looks to uncover common ground and expose more opportunity for unity amongst groups once thought to have nothing in common. The sought-after activational speaker and world-class concert artist is brought in by the world’s superlative brands and organizations to create transformational shifts in the way people think and operate.

Now, Jade and the Operation Restoration movement look to do just that with our nation.

Click Here to find out how Jade has gone from the piano to the pulpit, to world-wide platforms, and now…towards the presidency.

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