Chrisjenkins A rising star, determined to shine “No Matter What”

Just as the science fiction junkies finished celebrating May 4th as Star Wars Day, “May the 4th be with you.” Hip-Hop heads in SC celebrated May 6th as the day Carolina Hip-Hop reached new heights with the release of “Upper Echelon,” the latest project by Marvolus and Gemstar Da Goldenchild; South Carolina’s hip-hop Barbarians.

#TBWFREALCOVERAcross the Palmetto State, heads were still bobbin’ and fans were still vibing off of, Jamaica, track 17 on the Upper Echelon mixtape, when The MinorityEye’s local entertainment correspondents learned about another highly anticipated album that dropped the same day by a rising star in SC’s hip hop game.   

The Album, “T.B.W.F.”(The Broke, The Weird and The Fresh) by the youngster, Chrisjenkins is already seen as a game changer among hip hop millennials; a generation that prefers its MC’s to have a little more color and flare to them.

Chrisjenkins is one of those artist you may not have heard of yet, but he’s there; bubbling just an inch below the surface and waiting for that one breakout moment that will give him the momentum to pierce the surface and expose the world to his new brand of hip hop flare.

Not only did his album drop on the same day as “Upper Echelon”, that same night he opened up for Pastor Troy at Columbia’s newest music venue, the Music Farm.

Check out the underground hit “No Matter What”

The Estill, SC native first showed up on our underground hit radar when he dropped the local hit “No Matter What,” a gritty account of growing up and trying to make it in one of the the poorest regions in South Carolina.

His latest offering includes features from J Young, Frank P, and Renny. As one reviewer from Charlotte, NC put it, “T.B.W.F” is “a polished album packed with invigorating, soulful, and entertaining songs.”  

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