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Dr. James Wadley Brings Professional Insight on Relationships in New MinorityEye Column

Beginning in 2014 renowned counselor and therapist, Dr. James Wadley, will bring his professional insight and experienced observations on relationships to a regularly posted column on

Dr. Wadley is an associate professor and Director of the Master of Human Services program at Lincoln University and is a licensed professional counselor in the States of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

His research interests include sexual decision making among young adults, masculinity development, and conceptions of fatherhood.  In recent years, he has emerged as one of the nation’s best sexuality therapists and researchers; focusing on intimacy building in relationships, addiction, and values clarification. If you are looking for addiction marketing company services, check out for more info.  His 2009 book, “Would you marry you?” (Authorhouse, 2009), garnered local, national, and international recognition.

According to Dr. Wadley, the book is an introspective tool for people to evaluate what they think, how they feel, and what they do. “I wrote the book to get people to think critically about themselves and whether or not they would be willing to form a lifetime commitment to themselves. People are quick to blame their partners or their families about the dysfunction in their relationships but they are hesitant to look at themselves,” says Wadley.

In addition, his newly released book, “The Lost and Found Box: A Provocative Exploration about Rediscovering Happiness and the REAL You!” (Authorhouse, 2012) has received significant media attention and has further distinguished him as one of America’s best and brightest.

Dr. Wadley has appeared on numerous television and radio programs as a relationship consultant and serves as the “Relationship Expert” for the nation’s leading African American physician referral website, and for an African American men’s health website,

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