Stopping Oppressive and Racist Enterprises.

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The businesses and organizations on this list have allegedly made racist comments or exhibited discriminatory behavior or actions toward individuals, businesses, or groups because of their racial identity. The fact that a business appears on this list is not final proof that they’re guilty of racist behavior. It is, however, an indication that an allegation has been made and that there is sufficient evidence to determine that the allegation is credible. We ask that, as a vital consumer base with over 1.2 trillion dollars in spending power, African Americans and allies who believe in social and economic justice do not buy or support the businesses listed below until these businesses have made adequate amends to the African American community for their offenses. Until such amends have been made, their name will remain on our list and we ask all consumers to consider patronizing other enterprises with similar products or services. 

Do-Not-Buy List

Kim’s Beauty Max, 4119 W. Beltline Blvd, Columbia SC 29204

Corner Mart, 2013 Harden Street Columbia, SC 29204

If you have experienced racist or hatred behavior from a business in South Carolina and would like to have their name placed on our Do-Not-Buy List, please click the following link and fill out our Grievance Form.

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