1st LT Justice R. Stewart

For The Love of Justice Memorial 5K Run/Walk

"As we run, we become." - Amby Burfoot

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Why We Run

(Columbia, SC) – We run in memory of 1st LT Justice R. Stewart, a fallen United States Marine Corps officer who had a giving heart, a selfless soul, an infectious laugh, and a heartwarming smile. 1st LT Stewart was a daughter, a sister, a niece, a cousin, a friend, and a Marine. She was artistic, confident, and ambitious, setting goals years in advance.

1st LT Stewart tragically lost her life while she was on a run. We run for her. Every time our foot hits the pavement, it is symbolic of a heartbeat, bringing life into the memories that 1st LT Stewart left behind to share with the world.

Together we will finish the run that Justice didn’t have the opportunity to finish.  We will run in solidarity FOR THE LOVE OF JUSTICE in BOTH SC AND NC!  Justice’s family will lead the run in South Carolina and Justice’s Marine Corps unit at Camp Lejeune will lead the run in North Carolina.

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