Sherrexcia 'Rexy' Rolle

From Working at Baggage Claim to Becoming VP of the World’s Largest Black-Owned Private Airline

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Sherrexcia Rolle, or “Rexy” as she is often called, is no ordinary Vice President. She holds the position at Western Air Limited, one of the most successful Black-owned airlines globally. But her journey to get to where she is today wasn’t straightforward.

Rexy’s parents are the founders of Western Air Limited, and from an early age, she wanted to be involved in the family business. She started working at the airline’s baggage claim area while in school and gradually worked her way up. At the same time, she observed airplane inspections and identified areas for improvement, which she addressed when she finished college.

Rexy’s hard work paid off, and she is now not only the VP of Operations but also the General Counsel for Western Air Limited. In addition to that, she is a business and aviation lawyer, which has contributed significantly to the airline’s growth.

One of Rexy’s motivations is to address gender diversity in the aviation industry, where women are often underrepresented in executive positions. She aims to challenge the norm and prove that women can excel in leadership roles.

Under Rexy’s leadership, Western Air Limited has achieved significant accomplishments, becoming the world’s largest Black privately-owned airline. Rexy oversees the company’s expansion and international operations, all before turning 30.

In an interview with xoNecole, Rexy shared her philosophy of continuous growth and learning. She encourages everyone to take the same approach and strive for greatness.

If you want to learn more about Western Air Bahamas or book a flight, visit their website at To know more about Rexy Rolle, visit her personal website at

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