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He Say, She Say Prime Time Talk Show

“He Say, She Say” is the newest and hottest talk show to hit the web. It’s thorough, it’s sexy, it’s spiritual, (yes, I said spiritual and sexy), thought provoking, and IT IS REAL! The show addresses issues from sex, marriage, relationships, and dating to deeper issues like mental health, finances, depression, and just about anything else you can think of.

“He Say, She Say” is a panel-style talk show featuring a group of five hosts. The empowering and innovative Melanie Frink leads the show alongside Patricia Porcher who is married and known to be raw and uncut; Jamie Henderson who is in a relationship and known as the spiritual and motivational voice on the show; single-ish Kimberly Williams who is the sweet and inquisitive, and the divorced Cory John who has never been afraid to start a riot but definitely brings the comic relief to the program.  These are real conversations with real people as the hosts express their points of view on topics ranging from religion, politics, fashion, and personal experiences.

Episode 2 – Sexless Marriages. Cast of He Say, She Say with special guest Marla Renee Stewart, Sex Educator and Sex, Intimacy & Relationship Coach.

He Say, She Say premiered in May of 2017 and airs bi-weekly on Tuesdays at 7PM (EST) on and on YouTube @ He Say She Say Talk Show. The first releases were “Singleness & Dating” featuring Dr. Sharon Givens and “Sexless Marriages” featuring Marla Renee Steward, M.A. Each episode remains cutting edge but believable; offering not only insight but resolutions for many of life’s unaddressed issues.

In addition to the web show, the cast of “He Say, She Say” also hosts community events such as speed dating events, small business fairs, parties, etc. The cast is also available to host events, programs, and receptions.

Make sure to tell everyone you know about this New! Fun! Charismatic! Enthusiastic! And REAL! Web Series exploding the world wide web like never before! The show is constantly seeking guests, show ideas, media opportunities, and opportunities to invite others to partake in this irresistible presentation. 

Check out the latest episode.

About He Say, She Say

He Say, She Say is a panel-style talk show featuring a group of captivating men and women who are all experiencing different walks of life which include recently divorced, marriage, and singleness. The hosts express their point of views on topics ranging from religion, politics, fashion, and personal experiences. He Say, She Say offers the audience real conversations with real people. The hosts include Melanie Frink, Cory John, Jamie Henderson, Patricia Porcher, and Kimberly Williams.

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