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How Employer Credit Checks Are Keeping Black People Unemployed

By: Charles D.Ellison –

When New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman announced that his office had cut a deal with the three big credit bureaus—Experian, Equifax and TransUnion—to improve the customer experience, the news shook the financial-services world into a frenzy.

“In today’s world, the consumer’s input is less important than the bank or collector’s input,” John Ulzheimer, an expert at CreditSesame, told the New York Times. “The attorney general’s settlement changes that.”

But for people of color, this is nothing to text home about. The untold, untouched and unaddressed silent crisis widely ignored by policymakers is how credit checks are used to discriminate against job seekers.

In fact, employer credit checks could be a major factor in chronic underemployment in the postrecession world or in the inability of capable and qualified folks to land a full-time gig. While most are too embarrassed or frustrated to say it, African Americans are the hardest hit by rampant poor credit, especially since many are still struggling to recover from the downsizing, foreclosures and unpaid bills of the Great Recession.

And you can’t get out of debt if you can’t get a job. As a result, the recent overhaul of credit bureaus may do little to solve the vicious cycle that confronts many African Americans, not until the system eliminates callous employer credit checks as job-suppression tools. While these newly announced changes seek to offer reprieve on unpaid medical bills and the error-correction process, they go nowhere near banning the sinister credit-check-for-employment practice.

“The most insidious and alarming part of the rise in credit-check use stems from its ostensibly race-neutral facade,” New America Foundation’s Hannah Emple explains. “People of color are more likely to have poor credit because of historical and contemporary forms of discrimination that limit educational, employment, borrowing and housing opportunities.”

Emple views credit-check-based employment decisions as a way of “operationalizing racial discrimination in a supposedly race-neutral way that will [unfortunately] stand up to legal scrutiny until we make it illegal.”

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