Hyjiah Conde Is On A Mission To Create Change

Hyjiah Conde is on a mission to create change. Her infectious smile brings hints at the big heart bringing hope to diverse communities through a tireless quest to touch as many people in need as she can with kindness. The Dynamo is 10 years old, with the wisdom of an Old Soul. Her power to motivate people to drive the change is uncanny. The motivational author was touched by the plight of humanity in her trip to South Africa. Touching hearts and changing lives, she worked with children to help them see the inspiration that drove her to challenge the normal and create the extraordinary. A victim of bullying herself, Hyjiah designed strategies to counteract oppression of underserved people. She lead the change personally with the innocence of a child with a dream and the conscience of an old soul. Her dream of elevating struggling people was electrified by her persuasive communication throughout communities. She brought attention and got projects funds. Her example spurred others into action. Her buoyant spirit made the daunting task seem possible to doubters. 

CEO Hyjiah being Recognized for donating items in Guinea West Africa to school children

SuperGlrlzland has a mission to inspire young girls with the thought that each of them is unique and special. The purpose is to encourage girls to optimism and hope by helping them feel good about themselves. Hyjiah is involved at every level. She teaches others to filter, accept and believe. The emphasis is always “brains first and beauty will follow”. She organizes events, fashion shows, game nights and workshops to help underprivileged girls build Sisterhood and life skills. Her Ambassadors work in leadership roles to make the concept a living, breathing reality. The real goal is to help each of them dream big and reach for that dream. She believes that she can accomplish her goal by helping One Girl At A Time

The youngest of six children, Hyjiah was born with an upbeat spirit and a sense of community. Personal power is a natural talent for the gregarious entrepreneur. There was never a question that she would accomplish exactly what she set out to do. She graciously gives credit to her mother for teaching her to be all that she dreams and supporting her efforts to help others. An icon of female grace and intellect, her mother helped at every juncture.

CEO Hyjiah with the School girls in South Africa Pretoria where she donated Personal care items & Clothing

Hyjiah has plans to take SuperGirlzland to an international level. The young entrepreneur is an author, creative designer, motivational speaker and friend to at-risk kids. She is the creator and owner of PINKK PEARLZ, a T-Shirt line. She has plans for an international impact because she envisions herself as the new Oprah Winfrey, supplying the leadership and guidance to make a change for young women. The anti-bullying aspect of the business is the first order of business. Headquarters will welcome diverse girls and heal them with self-esteem, healthy eating and entrepreneurship. She has plans to provide a facility that nurtures fragile spirits of young women with fashion shows, healthy activities and Sisterhood. The sense of community will shelter girls through uncertain times and media mania. Hyijah Conde is the face of change. She is the angel heralding change and Hyjiah Conde is just getting started.  

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