Local Playwrights Beaty and Johnson Become Theatrical Trail Blazers


In 2004, when Usher dropped his fourth album “Confessions,” he broke records and all the rules changing the R&B music game forever. Little did he know that he was establishing a new template for stardom. When an indiscretion in his personal relationship became public knowledge and fans took the album to be a literal musical autobiography of the intimate account of those events, the flood gates were open for a tidal wave of Reality TV stars that would become famous because of the people they dated, married, broke up with or divorced.

Now in 2013, WOW Productions founders Tangie Beaty and Donna Johnson are breaking the rules of theatre with their own “Confessions.” WOW Productions’ “Confessions of a Good Man” set the record for the most attended original stage play produced by local playwrights. The debut performance of their play in July of this year sold out three of their four night run, bringing an estimated 1,500 people out to its premier.

The theatrical stage play, “Confessions of a Good Man” was inspired by Kevin Rasberry’s novel The Evolution of a Good Man. In Rasberry’s novel he as well as other men give personal accounts of life’s lessons.

“Confessions of a Good Man” dissects the motives, methods and factors of what makes a “Good Man” good or a “Bad Man” bad. It explores the personal shortcomings and moral triumphs that shape not just the man but those that he loves.

The show runs from Nov 8th – Nov 9th with two shows on Saturday at 2:00 pm and 7:30 pm at Harbison Theatre at Midlands Technical College. Tickets are limited so get yours online now before they sell out, http://wowcoagm2.eventbrite.com/

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