Meet Dr. William Small, Jr, A Community Champion

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Meet a Community Champion

Dr. William Small, Jr. was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey where he attended the City’s public schools.  Upon graduating from high school, he enrolled in Howard University where he earned a bachelor’s degree for the study of Government and History.  After completing his undergraduate degree, Dr. Small continued his studies at the Howard University School of Law where he earned a Juris Doctor degree.

Dr. Small is a decorated veteran of the Vietnam conflict and was honorably discharged from the United States Army.  He has held executive positions in the Union County Legal Services Corporation in Union County New Jersey and in the federal Office of Economic Opportunity’s Anti-Poverty Program

As an educator, he attained the rank of Full Professor while working in the New Jersey State College/University system.  Dr. Small has also held a number of administrative positions in higher education.  These positions include Director of Academic Services, Director for Contract Administration/ Labor Relations, Dean of Social Sciences, Vice President for Minority Affairs and Diversity, and Chairman of the New Jersey’s Commission on Higher Education’s Pre College Program Advisory Group.

Since moving to South Carolina, Dr. Small has served as the Executive Director of the Hampton County Economic Development Commission, a consultant to the State Department of Education Office of School Quality, and Vice Chairman of the Technical College of the Low Country Area Commission.  He presently serves as a member and past Chairman of the South Carolina State University Board of Trustees.

Dr. William Small, Jr. has held elected office as a public school board member and president.  He has held membership in the Fulbright Alumni Association and the American Arbitration Association.  He has traveled extensively in Africa, The Americas, Cuba, and the Caribbean.  Over the years, he has received numerous awards for his community and public service efforts.

Dr. William Small currently resides in the Barkersville Community of Hampton County, South Carolina, and assists his sons with the management of Small Family Enterprises, LLC.

Barney Blakeney is a freelance writer based in Charleston who has worked in the field of journalism as a news reporter and columnist since 1977. He has written for local, statewide and national publications. He spent the bulk of his professional career writing for the Charleston Chronicle.

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